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also upper 50s in concord, livermore. they little bit cooler for the east bayshore. and 50s in hayward. all the 50s tomorrow. 50s in ocean beach. 52 in daly city with a range for the north bay. they look at your extended forecast with more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures thursday is one that rainfall will return. light showers. it could linger from a morning. we are expecting improving conditions with more sunshine. . >> gary: coming up the quick review of the 49ers defeat it was not the referees' fault baltimore was better and also the great pop dorfman.. who scored cannot with advertising who did not.... warned who did with advertising. bob-- dorfman.... a blackout, beyonce, >> controversial calls, and funny ads. there was a lot to talk about on social media today about the super bowl. slate shows us what moments got the most buzz. gabe slate tech report the most buzz is only 3 markets in texas, with a passionate make out system for old milwaukee. and based on people this taco bell with elderly friends, and search engines, if you average it ,,, these are the top 3 and the dor
degrees in concord. 44 in los gatos. nap a.fairfield. when you head out the door first thing in the morning you need a coat or a jacket. now i'll be back with the timing of when showers will arrive here in the bay glare just a few minutes. >> all right thank you. >> dispointed forty-niner team returned home after the heart breaking loss in superbowl xlvii. sky 7 hd overhead as team members stepped off the plane at the airport in san jose. quarterback kaepernick raised his hand at more than 100 people who turned out to cheer the team. coach jim harbaugh waved to them as well. more now from lillian kim. >>reporter: hundreds of fans cheered on the 49ers as they arrived at the santa clara practice facility. >> just wanted to let them know that the fans love them and kun for them. >>reporter: moments later each player emerged including coob tree, moss and kaepernick who like most of the players keep his window shut and gave a wave or 2 which was enough to satisfy at least one fan. >> my good it was so exciting i was chasing them did you know. >>reporter: davis and passenger
vallejo. 59 concord. 57 hayward. we need rain. third driest january on record. big deal. records go way back, 1850. five-day forecast, showers on thursday. i wish we had something more juicy in the forecast. fog the lead story with sprinkles on thursday. >> it is what it is. >> yeah. >> thank you. >>> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, a close nit community stunned by the death of a mother, what neighbors are telling us about her daughter who is behind bars and a hostage crisis that made headlines is over. authorities explain why they moved in to save a 5-year-old boy. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> the 49ers take stock and so are their fans. in 3 minutes, we look at the missed opportunities on the 49ers player roster. >>> we have come a long way towards fulfilling this dream. but having come a long way is not just to suggest we completed the journey. >> former adviser for dr. martin luther king, jr. gave a lecture today. he co-wrote the i have a dream speech. today the professor offed a glimpse of his part. >>> 49ers back home a lut
from concord to guantanamo, because every high-school student had to think about why it is our obligation to defend those who have ideas different than our own. why we live in a constitutional democracy. a constitutional democracy is the difference of two words, each of which are two letters. that is the rule "of" law, and the rule "by" law. the rule by law as when a majority get together and get -- and decide what rights, if any, the minority has. nazi germany was one of the most lawful and unjust society is in the history of the world. the nuremberg laws were rules by law. what exists around most of the world and in cuba today come in my own experience, is that the most powerful, the most privileged, get together and decide what rights, if any, the minority have. the united states constitution is the rule by law. the rule by law is to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. it is the classic definition of law. now, the rule of law is what justice kennedy and justice roberts recently spoke about. in their opinions, one was involving the flag-burning case. texas
it will be mainly dry as we will have the front moving on through, but it will not bring us any rainfall. concord is 39 tonight. san francisco with the fog moving in as they will stay at 46. and vallejo down to 42. the big change for them moving out. the lower pressure will be moving in here too. not a lot of rainfall, but passing on through tomorrow night giving you the fog and low pressure tomorrow. allowing the front eventually to move on through the next front. the one that gets here on thursday. the first measurable rainfall in two weeks. we also have much cooler temperatures, in the low to mid- 50s. likely tomorrow morning for many of you right on the water. showers likely by thursday with a pretty chilly day. and there is not much moisture to deal with. the upper 50s tomorrow at this time of the year. hitting 58. fremont at 57 for danville. san francisco is downtown only 54 degrees. the weekend looks dry and sunny. they're gone for a while. not bad for early february. just a little cooler and cloudier with the rain. >> yeah, we need it. >> all right, thank you, paul. >>> the multi-million
chilly night tonight. concord, livermore. redwood city for 9 degrees. with this on shore flow we will see the temperatures stay below normal. you can see a big low pressure area over my shoulder. this will shove a front in the bay area eventually. the on shore will keep most of us in the 50s tuesday and wednesday. dry part goes away on thursday as a weak front moves through. we will see some scattered showers. low to mid 50s for highs on thursday and friday. temperatures stay low because that on shore flow and fog. some showers return with that front on thursday. friday will be chilly. couple scattered showers out there. snow level down to 2500 feet. san jose 58. mountain view 57. pleasantton 58. mid-50s on the peninsula. wednesday, sunny but still chilly. scattered showers on thursday and friday. low to mid 50s. weekend looks good. the mid-60s, i don't see that coming back for at least a week. >> okay. >> thank you, sir. >>> a 500-year-old mystery solved. >>> and, avoiding that hangover the next day after the super bowl. not just about
. concord, 47. upper 40's just about everywhere. we're seeing low cloud cover begin to form in san francisco, oakland and berkeley. we're going to see the cloud cover get pretty widespread, even drizzle along the coastline tomorrow morning. organized rainfall, not seeing it. kpix hi-def doppler is once again dry. with clear skies inland, you'll hit the upper 30's. fairfield,36. napa, 38. there was a change coming. it's not a wet change but it's a cooler change. you felt it today. you dealt with the cloud cover in the city today. the on shore flow is back. simply the wind coming from the ocean. the wind will get a little stronger tomorrow. now there's two upper-level low pressure systems. you'll get some sunshine but it's going to be chilly and breezy. by thursday, we have a weak cold front coming through. behind the front, chilly. we're talking about a snow level down to about 2500 feet and temperatures that will only make it into the low to mid 50's coming up by thursday and friday. so a little bit of a sign that we're still in wi
in through the midday hours. 65 in livermore and then just go off the north of concord and temperatures in the upper 50s. you have 54 and 66 in los gatos. some spots had a last minute sprint. we got that sunshine. san rafael at 53 and then at 2:00 nine degree temperature m jump in one hour as you pop up to 62 degrees at 2:00 p.m. currently numbers cool off to the north bay with some mid-40s developing in napa. dew points beginning to lower and we are finding areas of fog in the north bay. to our live sky camera network tonight and you can see in san francisco we have a marine layer that we're dealing with for tonight. gorgeous shot but if you're doing any traveling tomorrow morning, watch out for the low clouds and the fog that you're going to have to commute in. sunset in the san mateo bridge. mainly cloudy. let's get the you into our next weather maker as we head throughout the week. we'll get some sun in here for tomorrow. as you head through thursday and also friday our next storm system is developing and it's going to bring us some drastically different weather. for about two wee
in concord and livermore, most locations mid day skbai coast will be milder and less chilly. lows into low to mid-40s. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies and sunny skies, high temperatures into mid to upper 50s there. and 56 in san mateo. low 50s on the coast in pacifica. downtown san francisco, a high of 55 degrees tomorrow. 53 in the sunset district. north bay, mainly upper 50s and santa rosa, 60 degrees. inland east bay upper 50s as well. near monterey bay, upper 50s and perhaps about the 60 degrees in salinas, gets cooler as the woke goes on. a good chance of showers thursday, maybe some lingering showers across the area, over the weekend more sunshine and warming up a little bit over the weekend. >> okay. >> thank you. >> coming up next abc 7 news i team looks into the safety of the beef you may be serving for dinner. >> what the future holds for >> what the future holds for candle stick park once 49ersñ!ñs all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars swit
. tomorrow morning, 36 in santa rosa. 38 in concord and 38 in the valley. daytime highs on tuesday will look like this. 58 in san jose. 57 in morgan hill and 58 milpit milpitas. 58 in the castro valley. 54 in pacifica. on your seven-day forecast, what you'll see here is a chance of showers as we head throughout next week or this week rather, on thursday and also on friday. not a large storm system. we will take what we can get at this point. boy, it sure has been dry the last couple weeks. >> it has been a while. >> the guy in back there. >> thanks. >> coming up, hot off the super bowl. guess who is coming to town, beyonce. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now best foods mayonnaise is just $2.77. so pile it on. pizza is served. digiorno pizza is just $3.88. and here's a treat. dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. real big deals th
but it is getting busy on the way to concord, we will have another traffic check minutes ahead. [ male announcer ] are you a business traveler who can withstand the perils of air travel? can you survive change fees? blackout dates? boarding in mobs? do you actually, in a weird way, kind of enjoy rude service? then you might have what it takes to keep flying your airline. ♪ if you don't, then stop playing the airline game by their rules. come on over to southwest, the one airline that changed the game for the whole industry. ♪ . >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, 5:13 is the time and there are new details about the mental state of an iraq war veteran shooting a navy seal at a texas shooting range. he threatened to kill his family and himself and he was also treated at the same mental hospital after a woman called police and said she feared for his safety. she said he suffered from postraumatic particular stress disorder and has been charged with murder. >>> more than 50 nations played a role in the torture of suspects. that is according to a new report by the justice initiat
tonight there will be some cloud coverage but most locations will be in the 40's. 46 in concord 40's in antioch the afternoon highs with a few degrees and what we saw yesterday mid-50s for downtown office san francisco. here is the satellite and radar. some cold to contend with. there rainfall is headed to the bay area of later this week. with the kron 47 day around the bay. plenty of sunshine to go around. a pretty nice and the mild conditions as we start the next workweek. more on the extended forecast but no hot spots, no delays. at the bay bridge toll plaza no problems. that goes for all of the approaches. the san mateo bridge, the tillites towards foster city. east bound into a word and the golden gate bridge with a pretty easy drive. with areas of dense fog. >> we begin this morning with news out of the east bay. where police in pittsburg are searching for a hit and run suspect who injured a woman and her three young children. the incident happened on crestview drive, last night near leland road. two of the children were on their bikes. the third. in a stroller. all four victim
in hayward. 58 at fremont. inland east bay high also in the upper 50's. 58 at pittsburgh. concord and danville and near monterey bay see high again upper 50's to 60 at salinas. 7 day forecast. notice it gets cooler and cloudy year weeks goes on. showers lightly thursday licensing nearing friday morning. midday friday we should see at least partial clearing but friday very chilly with high temperature in the low to mid 50's across the entire area. but over the weekend we see a little bit of sunny weather and high pressure climb back up to 60 degrees by sunday and monday. >> very mild pattern. >> very dry one too. >> thanks very much. >> what may the ultimate in recycling coming up here. house of booze. >> plus if back in a moment stay with us. 7 news at 9 stay with us. 7 news at 9 well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's ki
, concord and the danville area. more clouds in the forecast. this system looks weak and it slides through tomorrow. back here you can barely see it system number two. it didn't show up on the screen. but there's a system number two that's going to get in here and show us showers. right now we're going to talk about tomorrow's forecast lows. temperatures will be on the cool side. it'll be foggy, dense fog areas. daytime highs tomorrow cooler than they were a few days ago. we will take the computer model and i will show you what system number two is going to do, when it's going to do it and where it's going to do. it we'll see you back here. >>> new details tonight about deadly tour bus crash. plus-- >> a north bay community is in shock after a family tragedy ends in murder. what investigators say led to a violent argument between a mother and daughter in this home. >>> a massive fire on the east coast that burned for hours. how it turned dangerous for firefighters. >>> a reminder you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, download the live icon and you can watch all of our newscas
at under 20 minutes westbound to concord and eastbound 80 at redwood parkway a big rig and a car on the shoulder but emergency crews are blocking the right lane so there could be slowing eastbound. no bart delays with the capital corridor train 25-minute delay and no caltrain delay. a new accident southbound 680 that could slow things there. metering lights have been turned on and traffic is backed to the overpass and sluggish on the upper deck headed into the city. >> thank you. it cannot happen here. ahead, santa clara make as promise of the new 49ers stadium following the super bowl blackout new orleans. >> nothing says valentine's day like a box of chocolates. which box? we have a brand new ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i
to the concord area westbound four. sluggish out of the central valley with speeds picking up over the altamont pass and 20-minute drive from altamont pass to dublin/pleasanton entrepreneur. the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems here and traffic is light on the upper deck. >> thank you. next, bay area prosecutors go after a multinational oil company for failing to protect the local environment. the damage they claim it is doing is ahead. >> former coach reaching a deal with a university on his firing and what it will cost the school. >> walnut creek, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. it is 5:13 on tuesday morning. this is the golden gate bridge and traffic is light. we will have more on the traffic situation an the bay area with sue hall and mike will check the forecast. >> state attorney general will go after arco and b.p. in a lawsuit filed in superior court, the state attorney general and seven counties accusing the oil company of violating regulations designed to protect the environment. b.p. suggests the attorney general is going after oil compani
. about 57 also in morgan hill and santa clara. antioch maybe 60 degrees if we're lucky. concord looking maybe some hazy sunshine toward the afternoon and 57 degrees in san francisco. a lot of clouds only about 54 degrees and about 57 degrees in oakland. more on the possibility of rain in a few minutes. right now let's check the roads with gianna. >> lawrence, we are going to check in with mass transit right now. we are just spoke with officials at caltrain and there are delays possible for caltrain this morning. they are having some signalling issues on their system in and out of san francisco. so trains are on time as of right now. but that could change depending on how long it takes for this to get back on track. so we'll continue to keep you updated. right now the rest of mass transit bart looks good no delays for muni and ace train number one left on time out of tracy. elsewhere, also we are starting to see a few brake lights westbound into the livermore valley 17 minutes towards 680 on the westbound side of 580. also westbound 4 through
. downtown san francisco 49. you will lose 5 degrees going across the bay bridge to the west. concord, you are sitting at 51. radar is clear. you have heard that one a lot since christmas. i don't see much of a change until thursday. north bay, you got so much rain in november and december. now look what happened after christmas. all of january, first week of february, you have had less than one inch of rain. still well above normal for the year, but that is a big contrast. let's talk about tonight. going to be another chilly night. mountain view, 40. san rafael. north and west, a large area of low pressure. the high pressure is still there. we will still stay dry. with the on shore flow, we will have fog. temperatures will likely stay in the 50s for the next couple days. now we finally have a rain chance thursday through friday morning. likely less than a quarter of an inch. it will be something. it's coming up thursday. behind that, temperatures will drop even more down to the low to mid 50s. snow level there drop down to 2500 feet. a fog
in concord. more on the prospects for some rain coming up. right now, let's check the roads with gianna. >> and the roads are heating up this morning. we are getting reports of a couple of new accidents. we have reports of an accident along 880 and seeing slow conditions also 101 in san jose. so here's a live look at 880 in hegenberger. two-car accident reported. at one point it was blocking lanes. looks like they may have pushed it over to the right side of the roadway so overall we're seeing extra volume but traffic is moving okay through the area. over to 580, westbound stacking up towards the dublin interchange. not too far from there, we have an accident westbound 580 at greenville. and as you can see on our maps we are seeing some delays as you work your way through the altamont pass. so a busy ride in and around the livermore area. 24 minutes now to go from the altamont pass to 680. we'll check with the bay bridge in just a few minutes. back to you. >> sticking with the traffic theme, new this morning the study that finds commutes here in t
s in palo alto. 58 also in the san jose. with upper 50s for the in the valleys. concord, livermore 56, alameda. along the coast temperatures only in the low 50s in ocean beach. 53 in san francisco. temperatures largely in the fifties for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast pretty much the same. thursday and friday the rainfall returns. that is one we could see the bulk of this rainfall with mainly shower reconditions. sunny and mild for the weekend. >> it's a grave unfit for a king. but archeologists believe they've dug up the remains of a famous british monarch known as the hunchback. we'll show you the surprising spot where they found him - after this. [ man ] it's big. responds in a moment's notice. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. aladdin became the biggest in bail by treating people right. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional than aladdin. that's why more people turn to aladdin than anyone. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. tell me myou have good ins iurance. yup, ip,'ve got... [ voice icof dennis ] reall
, we are looking at new and delays. this is the ride on 680 south bound out of concord. we are incident free and we're not tracking any accidents but this slower than usual traffic. >> we are waking up to widespread 40's. that afternoon the clouds will stick around perry ed it will be a chilly evening and we're back in the 40's. we have big changes for thursday and friday. >> we are following this developing story out a pittsburg. police in paris are investigating a hit and run crash. it happened on crest of view drive near li lin wrote last night. off to get you more news faster we will turn to mike pelton. >> this happened about 5 to 45 yesterday. a car that was driven by a 24 year-old struck a woman and her children. they were on bikes and one child was in a stroller. they were released from the hospital last night and the 29 year-old mother will be released this morning. the suspect is in the county jail and he faces a felony of hit and run crashes. i spoke to a woman as she stated that this intersection as always causing problems. >> people, just need to slow down. cars just slide
on back. >> all right. >> so, yeah, we've got concord pears featured in the box this week. and we did a little newsletter on it. it talks a little bit about the history of the concord pear. it's actually a really unique pear because it's able to be eaten firm. you don't actually have to wait completely until it gets completely soft. it's not an astringent pear when it's firm, so it's a great tasting pear. we thought you'd really enjoy it. >> thank you. i can't wait. >> yeah. >> eople love it. we at one time used to get some not healthy stuff in here--you know, donuts and things like that. and ever since we started getting fruit, i think people have really enjoyed it a lot more. >> this is a satsuma, a mandarin, and these come from a gty that we work with down in porterville, california. so a great way to eat it, if you want to try, you can actually pop your thumb right in the middle of it. it's a zipper skin, peels right off. it's super easy and delicious and tasty, so enjoy. >> thank you. >> all right, n. take care. >> you, too. >> i'm from the midwest, and so we have a lot of the tr
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)